New PDF release: An Introduction to Reasoning

By Stephen Toulmin, Richard Rieke, Allan Janik

ISBN-10: 0024211605

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If there is nothing more to the relations between Bill and Joan, then the facts quoted indicate that Bill's behavior is highly unfair. But a closer understanding of the ways in which Bill and Joan have chosen to live their life together might possibly "rebut" that presumption. Notice one thing about this ethical example. As it stands, nothing about its structure and procedures marks it off from an argument in law, or science, or elsewhere. In this respect, the fact that ethical issues and claims involve "values" does nothing, by itself, to take them out of the realm of rationally debatable issues and rationally defensible claims.

7. 8. 9. 1 0. 11. 33 The Cardinals have a weak pitching staff; therefore, they will have a slim chance of getting into the playoffs. July is a bad month for trout fishing because trout feed on the fry of other fish during that month. Frost in the coffee-growing regions of the world, short supply in the largest consuming nations, and a desire to flex their economic muscles on the part of the producers will bring about a doubling of the price of coffee in the world market in the next six months. Cheating on exams can sometimes be justified because not all courses are part of a student's major program nor related to the student's career plans; besides, it is just as important to have a high grade-point average as it is to be competent in one's area of specialization.

A straightforward prediction calls for rather different grounds, whether it has to do with a natural phenomenon like the weather or with a human activity such as football. Forecasts of either sort need to be supported by other factual information that can be relied upon to serve as a pointer to the particular future event being forecast. If the wind veers and the rain stops, that indicates the passage of a "cold front," hence the weather forecast. Similarly the departure of talented quarterbacks from two rival outfits clearly enhances a strong football team's own prospects.

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