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By Bertrand Russell

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This can be Russell's first philosophical paintings released in 1897. The publication offers an perception into his earliest analytical and important notion, in addition to an creation to the philosophical and logistical foundations of non-Euclidean geometry, a model of that is crucial to Einstein's concept of relativity.

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For it to be the place, mathematics reduced as it is to c o m p u t i n g and blind logic cannot be a thought. Wittgenstein simultaneously contends that: 1. 2), and 2. " T h e m a t h e m a t i c a l p r o p o s i t i o n e x p r e s s e s no t h o u g h t " (Tructatus. 21). In a single gesture, Heidegger draws mathematics over to the calculation of technical mastery: "This is how the being of beings 109 Logic, Philosophy, "Linguistic Turn" becomes thinkable in the pure thought of mathematics. Being thus calculable, and placed into calculation, makes Being an entity that can be mastered at the very heart of m o d e m technology.

Second thesis: Such a break is required because this orientation in thought ends up with the pure and simple dislocation of philosophical desire as such. Either we attain the A n g l o - S a x o n space in which philosophy has b e c o m e a vast scholasticism, a g r a m m a r of positions, indeed a p r a g m a t i s m of cultures. Or we wind up with the Heideggerian dependency, in which one has to entrust the salvation of thought to post-philosophical operations and a fragmentary archi-aesthetics.

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