New PDF release: American Civil War Armies (5): Volunteer Militia

By Philip Katcher

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Uniformed volunteer devices have been raised via members, frequently from an area's social élite who had adequate spare time and money to spend on such enthusiasms. They voted on their unit designation, their officials and non-commissioned officials, their unit principles, and their uniform. Many destiny leaders discovered their talents in those ranks, and volunteer armed forces devices shaped the middle of many battling devices on either side of the Mason-Dixon line. With the aid of a number of images and illustrations, together with 8 complete web page color plates by means of Ron Volstad, Philip Katcher does an outstanding activity of detailing the uniforms of the volunteer armed forces of the yank Civil battle (1861-1865).

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C. C. C. (5)::The Desert Frontier T H E MEDIEVAL WORLD 247 Romano-Byzantine Armies 4th-9th C. 154 Arthur & Anglo-Saxon Wars 255 Armies of the Muslim Conquest 125 Armies of Islam, 7th-1 I t h C . Europe 1000-1568 The Mamluks 1250-1517 Ottoman Turks 1300-1774 Venetian Empire 1200-1670 Armies of Crecy and Poitiers Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477 Armies of Agincourt Wars of the Roses Medieval Heraldry I6TH A N D I7TH CENTURIES 256 191 38 101 263 235 262 14 110 203 267 97 86 184 188 The Irish Wars 1485-1603 Henry Vlll's Army The Landsknechts TheConquistadores Mughul India 1504-1761 Gustavus Adolphus (I): Infantry Gustavus Adolphus (2): Cavalry English Civil War Armies New Model Army 1645-60 Louis XIV's Army The British Army 1660-1704 Marlborough's Army Samurai Armies 1550-1615 Polish Armies 1569-1696(1) Polish Armies 1569-1696(2) 279 The Border Reivers 18TH C E N T U R Y 261 18th Century Highlanders 260 Peter the Great's Army (I): Infantry 264 Peter the Great's Army (2): Cavalry 118 Jacobite Rebellions 236 Frederick the Great (I) 240 Frederick the Great (2) 248 Frederick the Great (3) 271 Austrian Army 1740-80(1) 276 Austrian Army 1740-80(2) 280 Austrian Army 1740-80(3) 48 Wolfe's Army 228 American Woodland Indians 39 British Army in N.

Trousers were medium blue with crimson piping down each leg. 26 Model 1842 issue percussion pistol. (North Carolina Museum of History) The active militia regiments had been in the field so long there was virtually no difference between them and the regulars. They were ordered in early 1842 to wear dark blue coats with red collars, cuffs, turnbacks and lapels with yellow piping. Brass buttons had the unit designation stamped on them. The coat had tri-pointed false pocket flaps with a button at each point's end, while on each turnback were two yellow quivers with three arrows in each, two inches long.

S. Army photograph) 39 F1 Private, Mexican Spy Company This unit served as scouts, for Scott's army. An American reported they 'wore round felt hats encircled with a red scarf and grey jackets. The officers and non-coms wore the insignia of our army. ' engineer corps won special distinction'. The most educated officers went into the corps. H1 Mexican Division-General, Gala Dress Generals were allowed much latitude in their dress, but the sash colour and number of rows of embroidery had to be by regulation.

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