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179, writes that "following the Nazi entry into Poland, and later the USSR, education in the Jewish Ghettos was forbidden. " Even under these circumstances, however, "writers continued to write, and painters to THE POST-RAV ASHI AMORAIM 173 Accordingto the theoryof stammaiticredaction,however,the tremendous creativityof the amoraicperiodgave way to the tremendouscreativity of the stammaiticperiod, with named amoraicactivitycomprisingonly a fractionof what was producedduringthis time. No unaccounted-forhiatus is implied by this latter theory.

Rubinstein, Le-Heker Sidur ha-Talmud(Kovno, 1932), who posits at least two levels of redaction during the amoraic period. At times (p. 3) he refers to "a Talmud" that was before the final editors of the Talmud, and at other times (pp. 5 and 14) he refers to "various editions" that were before the final editors of the Talmud. He does not specify, however, when he thinks these amoraic redactions took place. 15. However, in Albeck's earlier work, he accepts the traditional view of Rav Ashi's unique role in the final editing of the Talmud.

48 is quoted by the stam, and one case in which there are two opposingstam interpretationsof a term utilized by Ravina. 49 However,Kaplan'sproofs clearlydo not bear the weight of his thesis. One or even several cases in which Ravina is quoted by the stam hardly establishKaplan'scontentionthat the anonymousediting of the Talmud was the work of the saboraim. , with the death of Rav Yose (see above and n. 5'Benjamin Lewin 48. Kaplan, Redaction of the Babylonian Talmud, pp. 143-147. 49. Kaplan adduces other proofs for his thesis that the final editing of the Talmud was saboraic.

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