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As Yelland et al. (1998) have shown, the shoaling of waves have influenced the HEXOS data on momentum flux – they may also have influenced heat and vapor transfer. Nevertheless, earlier observations already established that the scalar roughness length was much smaller than z 0 (Donelan, 1990; Smith, 1988), and that it at least did not increase with u ∗ . Until a better formulation evolves, the above relationships are explicit logarithmic laws derived from observation, without any unknown parameters.

The viscous length scale = νw /u ∗w characterizes the size of the smallest eddies, with surface divergence of order u ∗2 w /νw . They are likely to play an important role in gas transfer. The Transfer Laws of the Air-Sea Interface 46 The interface gas flux Fi should then depend on the Force χw − Sχa , and at least on the three variables, diffusivity of the gas in water Dw , friction velocity u ∗w , and viscosity νw . The nondimensional form of such a relationship is: Fi = func (Sc) . 78) where Sc is the Schmidt number, Sc = νw /Dw .

To answer this question we have to determine entropy production associated with Reynolds fluxes of heat and vapor, w θ and w q . Such fluxes can only exist if there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity, that is if the variances θ 2 and q 2 are nonzero. We will refer to these key properties of nonhomogeneous turbulent flow as TTV, Turbulent Temperature Variance and THV, Turbulent Humidity Variance. g. Businger (1982). 47). The terms of the TTV equation resemble those in the TKE equation, being in order the production term of TTV, the divergence of TTV flux, and TTV dissipation.

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