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By Quentin Meillassoux

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After Finitude presents readings of the heritage of philosophy and units out a critique of the unavowed fideism on the middle of post-Kantian philosophy. writer Quentin Meillassoux introduces a philosophical replacement to the pressured selection among dogmatism and critique. After Finitude proposes a brand new alliance among philosophy and technological know-how and demands an unequivocal halt to the creeping go back of religiosity in modern philosophical discourse

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But although these forms are fixed, they constitute a fact, rather than an absolute, since I cannot ground their necessity – their facticity reveals itself with the realization that they can only be described, not founded. But this is a fact that – contrary to those merely empirical facts whose being-otherwise I can experience – does not provide me with any positive knowledge. For if contingency consists in knowing that worldly things could be otherwise, facticity just consists in not knowing why the correlational structure has to be thus.

We thereby discover that the time of science temporalizes and spatializes the emergence of living bodies; that is to say, the emergence of the conditions for the taking place of the transcendental. What effectively emerged with living bodies were the instantiations of the subject, its character as point-of-view-on-the-world. The fact that subjects emerged here on this earth or existed elsewhere is a purely empirical matter. But the fact that subjects appeared – simply 25 af t er f i n i t u d e appeared – in time and space, instantiated by bodies, is a matter that pertains indissociably both to objective bodies and to transcendental subjects.

And we realize that this problem simply cannot be thought from the transcendental viewpoint because it concerns the space-time in which transcendental subjects went from not-taking-place to taking-place – and hence concerns the space-time anterior to the spatio-temporal forms of representation. To think this ancestral space-time is thus to think the conditions of science and also to revoke the transcendental as essentially inadequate to this task. *** We now begin to grasp why ancestrality constitutes a philosophical problem, one liable to make us revise decisions often considered as infrangible since Kant.

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