V. H. Holsinger (auth.), P. F. Fox (eds.)'s Advanced Dairy Chemistry Volume 3: Lactose, water, salts and PDF

By V. H. Holsinger (auth.), P. F. Fox (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781475744095

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Int. , 39, 25-32. J. (1982) Stabilization of frozen goat milk concentrates by enzymatic lactose hydrolysis. J. , 47, 423-8. W. l. , Westport, CT, pp. 1-338. P. H. (196la) Spray drying cottage cheese whey. J. , 44, 1171 (abstract). P. H. S. Department of Agriculture develops foam-spray drying. , 33(8), 37-8. E. A. (1976) Production and properties of deproteinized whey powders. J. , 59, 25-33. Harju, M. (1993) Production and properties of lactulose, lactitol and lactobionic acid, in Lactose Hydrolysis, Bulletin 289, International Dairy Federation, Brussels, pp.

Other derivatives include gluconic and other acids, lactosylurea, N-substituted amino sugars, and polymers; other reactions include esterification and acetylation (Holsinger, 1987). Enzymatic hydrolysis, however, has had the greatest impact on the dairy industry, and has led to the commercial availability of lactose-modified milk products in many countries around the world. 1 Lactulose Lactulose (4-0-D-fructofuranose) is an isomer of lactose, formed by molecular rearrangement, frequently under alkaline conditions, where the terminal aldose residue of lactose is converted to a ketose.

Actobionic acid have been prepared; the salt is a good source of calcium in pharmaceutical preparations. Calcium lactobionate has been defined as a food additive for use as a firming agent in dry pudding mixes (Code of Federal Regulations, 1994). Solvay Deutschland GmbH, Hannover, Germany, produces lactobionic acid; both sodium and potassium lactobionate are available, either spray dried or as liquid concentrates with 60% total solids. The company proposes an application of potassium lactobionate in alkaline liquid or powder detergent formations containing either perchlorate bleach or added borate and has demonstrated its effectiveness in washing trials with cotton and cotton/polyester test materials (Solvay Deutschland GmbH, 1994.

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