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By Francis Grose

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A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, collage Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. Unabridged.

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Soldiers were in that country divided into chambers, five men making a chamber, whence it was generally used to signify companion. CAMESA. A shirt or shift. CANT. SPANISH. CAMP CANDLESTICK. A bottle, or soldier's bayonet. CAMPBELL'S ACADEMY. The hulks or lighters, on board of which felons are condemned to hard labour. Mr. Campbell was the first director of them. See ACADEMY and FLOATING ACADEMY. CANARY BIRD. A jail bird, a person used to be kept in a cage; also, in the canting sense, guineas. CANDLESTICKS.

CHIVING LAY. Cutting the braces of coaches behind, on which the coachman quitting the box, an accomplice robs the boot; also, formerly, cutting the back of the coach to steal the fine large wigs then worn. CHOAK. Choak away, the churchyard's near; a jocular saying to a person taken with a violent fit of coughing, or who has swallowed any thing, as it is called the wrong way; Choak, chicken, more are hatching: a like consolation. CHOAK PEAR. Figuratively, an unanswerable objection: also a machine formerly used in Holland by robbers; it was of iron, shaped like a pear; this they forced into the mouths of persons from whom they intended to extort money; and on turning a key, certain interior springs thrust forth a number of points, in all directions, which so enlarged it, that it could not be taken out of the mouth: and the iron, being case−hardened, could not be filed: the only methods of getting rid of it, were either by cutting the mouth, or advertizing a reward for the key, These pears were also called pears of agony.

CORINTHIANS: Frequenters of brothels. Also an impudent, brazen−faced fellow, perhaps from the Corinthian brass. CORK−BRAINED. Light−headed, foolish. CORNED. Drunk. CORNISH HUG. A particular lock in wrestling, peculiar to the people of that county. CORNY−FACED. A very red pimpled face. CORPORAL. To mount a corporal and four; to be guilty of onanism: the thumb is the corporal, the four fingers the privates. CORPORATION. A large belly. He has a glorious corporation; he has a very prominent belly. CORPORATION.

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